1st Combat Engineer Battalion has served in every major Marine battle since 1942. From World War II to the Battle of Peleliu; from the Korean War to Vietnam; from the Gulf War, Iraq, and Afghanistan, the Marines and Sailors of 1st CEB have been an integral part in supporting 1st Marine Division.

To honor the legacy of the exceptional courage, skills, and selflessness of the Marines and Sailors in this battalion, we are offering bricks that will be displayed around the 1st CEB Memorial at the Command Post on Camp San Mateo, aboard Camp Pendleton.

You have a choice of two sizes of red brick that you can personalize with your own message. Please no profanity. 

Orders will be processed and placed on a semi-annual schedule. 

 We will make every effort to take pictures of your personalized brick and send you the picture.

The 1st CEB logo can only be engraved on 8x8 bricks:

If there is a special request for a graphic that you would like to use, please email [email protected] 

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