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5 Fun Ways to Boost Your Brick Fundraising

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Maybe it is the crisp cool breeze, the little cold nip, the smell of spice and bonfires that motivates people to get into the giving spirit. Halloween is the first of the giving holidays followed by Thanksgiving and Christmas. This time of year is when people give the most to charities. According to research and a survey conducted by the Center on Philanthropy, charities receive 41% of their donations in the last weeks of the year.


How can your brick fundraiser benefit from the festivities?

1.Trick or Treat & Brick Fundraising: While going house-to-house in your quest for sweets, collect funds for your engraved brick fundraiser or have your kids hand out brick flyer order forms.


2. Haunted House Engraved Brick Drive: Haunted houses and haunted hayrides always bring in a good number of participants. You can set up a booth outside of the exit with information about your brick fundraising campaign. After being scared in the haunted house your guest will appreciate seeing a happy smiling face.


3. Costume Contests Prize: Hold a costume contest or Pet Parade. One the prizes can be the winner gets a free customized engraved brick.


4. Charity Ball: Charity balls or charity dinners can be an elegant event. This is a wonderful way to raise funds and promote your brick fundraiser. Each table setting can have a place card with the link for your engraved donor brick website. If seats are assigned one side of the placeholder can have the person’s name and the other side can have your free brick donor website link.  At the end of the ball, a personalized brick can also be auctioned off.


5. Clothing Drive: Use your brick campaign as a way to give back to your community. Ask your donors to donate an article of clothing along with their donation for an engraved brick. Your organization may also give an article of clothing for every brick sold. Your brick engraving campaign can help someone keep warm this season.


For more creative ideas on brick fundraising please visit www.polarengraving.com or call 1-800-546-7993



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