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5 Fun Ways to Incorporate “Brick or Treating” into your Brick Fundraiser

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Halloween Brick Fundraiser

It’s that spooky time of the year again! Halloween allows you to release your inner creativity through costumes, pumpkin decorating and even brick fundraising! Instead of having the typical trick or treat you can emphasize BRICK or treat throughout your holiday with these 5 fun tips.

1. Flyers Handout

If you have young children that still partake in trick or treating, you can hand out flyers to your neighbors when going door to door. Having an interaction with potential donors increases your chances of them purchasing an engraved  brick through your organization.

2. Cookout in the Driveway

You can take your Halloween festivities a step above and have a cookout in your driveway on Halloween night- this will help draw in adults that are trick or treating with their children. Cookouts tend to lead to conversation, which then leads to brick sales! It never does any harm to get to know your neighbors a little bit better.

3. Raffles Always Work

Do a raffle! Offer prizes as well as a free engraved brick or two. Money made from the raffle can also help contribute to your fundraiser.

4. Haunted House Attracts More People

Have a haunted house! When welcoming in families that participate in your event, make sure to hand out flyers or brochures to increase awareness about your brick fundraiser. When correlating a positive event with your fundraiser, donors will be more likely to contribute to your cause.

5. Trunk or Treat With a Car

Trunk or treat is one of the latest and greatest ways to advertise your nonprofit organization during Halloween. All it requires is a car (with a trunk) and a fun display to attract in donors. Make sure to incorporate your free engraved brick sample in the trunk as well as some information about your fundraiser.

If you are interested in doing your very own brick or treat, please contact us at 1-800-546-7993 or feel free to send an email at

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