AEPI Delta Parents Club

Dear AEPI Parents,

It is time to order custom bricks in front of the house now! It is not only a great fundraiser but a great way to remember your son's participation in AEPI!

On a 4" x 8" brick, you can put up to 3 lines of text and on an 8" x 8" brick, you can put up to 6 lines of text on the bricks. The most common is the boy’s name and "Class of ( with their year)”. 

Please fill in your name, address and info, and when you hit continue, that is where you have the 3/6 lines of text you can enter to be engraved on the bricks for your son.  PLEASE NOTE- all orders and payments are both due by Feb 24th.  

 Please reach out with any questions.!

Beth Becker

[email protected]


Stephanie Fenster

[email protected]


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