Each year Calypso Recreation Department welcomes onto the grounds of Albritton Recreation Park between 250 and 300 children ranging in ages from four to fifteen years old.  These children converge onto the ball field from Calypso and surrounding areas.  All come to participate in T-Ball, softball, baseball, and/or football.  Often during the spring, summer and fall seasons, individuals will come to this field to play soccer even though this game doesn’t fall into the list of activities offered by Calypso Recreation.

Adjacent to the ball playing field is an area of roughly 19,500 sq. ft. of completely unused space.  In past years, this area contained some play equipment, but after years of use and neglect, the equipment became a hazard for child to play on, and the Town of Calypso made the decision to remove any existing play equipment.  At this time, the Town of Calypso has some financial challenges and is unable to take on such a project.  This decision has left many children unable to play before, during and after the seasons of ball.  It is a proven fact that all children have a right to play and all children benefit from outdoor play.  Our kids need and deserve a safe, secure place to play and have fun.

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