Our lives today rely on the dedication of decades of men and women who took an oath to protect our liberty and our way of life. Capt. C.W. Hilliard American Legion Post 401 dedicates our new building to our continuing mission of Service to these Veterans and their families. 

We are honoring those who defended our nation through an engraved brick fundraising program. Open to all, this gives family, friends and even Veterans themselves, a means to memorialize individuals for service to our nation. 

We urge you to take part in this project to honor Veterans in your life. Use this form to order – one form per brick. Bricks are $50 each. As a Donor Keepsake, we also offer a smaller replica brick for $25 

We hope you will join us in the longterm effort. Our design is simple. Each brick will be the same layout, honoring united service by all. 

- Line 1: Veteran’s name 
- Line 2: Rank … Branch (USA, USN, etc.) 
- Line 3: Conflict (WW I, WW II, etc.) 

For questions, contact the Post at (904) 845-7300.