Your support of our brick fundraiser will give you an opportunity to leave your mark in the heart of our city. 

Your legacy will live on for years to come as others remember your sacrifice of love. There will always be a part of you here at Bamberg Church of God.

Your support of the BCOG Outreach Ministries serving the hungry, widows, seniors, children and the broken (those who often just need one hand up) will help us expand our facilities also make repairs and updates to help us better store food, clothing, baby supplies, disaster relief and other necessities.

You can personalize engraved bricks with names, dates, or special messages. People often choose to commemorate loved ones, mark special events, or display inspirational quotes. The choice of text depends on the purpose of the brick, like honoring someone, memorializing an event, or as part of our fundraising campaign.

We will continue to give updates on our Outreach ministries and fundraising efforts here. Please connect with us on Facebook and our church website for updates.

If you order multiple bricks at a time with text only, the first brick will be $100 and then $75 for any additional. With artwork, the price will be $110 for the first brick and $85 for more.

We appreciate all our supporters. You are making a big difference in the kingdom of God.

If you have any questions, please contact: [email protected]

CLIP ART Collection