~Be a part of our


And a part of the Barn forever


with your personal commemorative bricks

We are currently offering an introductory price to kick start the project, NOW only:

4" x 8" Brick

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8" x 8" Brick

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Proceeds from the fundraiser will help support our scholarship and community programs.

The bricks purchased as a part of this fundraiser will be used to create a memorial patio outside the studio door. A new fire egress door for the studio will be installed in June.  
The bricks will be a continuation of an existing walkway and meet the new door exit from the studio. 
The patio by the sliding doors is the first of many possible sites.
Other sites may include pond side and other serene garden spots. 
The new patio section outside of the studio will serve as an additional place for students to set up their easels and work.

The Barn Studio of Art - A New Jersey Non-Profit Corporation * Pat Witt, Founder
The Barn Studio of Art is dedicated to cultivating the love of arts in people of all ages and abilities. The Barn Studio of Art nurtures the study of art and nature throughout the community in a non-competitive, creative, developmentally appropriate and positive atmosphere.