In celebration of our 81st Annual Women's Day
The Bethel Baptist Church Family has decided to add names of some very special women to the 

“Walk of Faith Memorial Brick Garden”

In memory of the most amazing women, wives and daughters who have left a lingering legacy 
of Service, Prayers and Faith here at Bethel.

We are offering the family and friends of each woman the opportunity to purchase a Memorial Brick in their memory to be pressed into a custom flower box that is located in our beautiful court yard adjacent to the church.

Your Memorial or Commemorative Brick will be pressed in the Memorial Garden to stay in place for the rest of time for your loved ones to enjoy as they walk pass or as they sit on one of our lovely stone benches.

A once in a lifetime opportunity, we pray that you will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to pay homage to those who we continue to think of daily and will continue love forever.

Make Your Request Today!

Memorial and Commemorative Bricks 
Donation amount   $80 - $100.00

Final Request Date: April 1, 2019