Brick Fundraising Ideas fraternity sorority


Mar 20

March 4, 2020


Fraternities and sororities or Greek letter organizations (Greek life) are very common in the United States, they refer to a...

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Spring Brick Fundraiser


Feb 20

February 18, 2020


For those in the Northern part of the United States, snow is starting to thaw and flowers are beginning to...

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Take a picture of the Engraved Brick Sample


Jul 19

July 27, 2019

Using the Right Graphics for a Successful Brick Fundraiser!

A picture is worth 1000 words, this makes perfect sense according to science. 90% of information transmitted by our brain is visual and according to a study by a team of neuroscientist from MIT conducted in 2013, the human brain can process entire images that the eye sees for as
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Animal Rescue Brick Fundraising


Mar 19

March 23, 2019

Animal Shelter Brick Fundraising

Brick and tile fund-raising is a great way to raise money for animal rescue organizations, dog parks and animal hospitals alike. March 23rd is National Puppy Day and what a better way to celebrate than to help save the life of a puppy or dog in your community.
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Zoo brick Fundraiser


Feb 19

February 16, 2019

Zoo Fundraisers: The Advantages of Brick Fundraising

A Great Way to Limit Costs & Avoid Ticket Price Hikes The financial advantages of doing a brick or tile fundraiser are unlimited, by creating a strategy and setting a goal the possibilities are endless. Implementing a new walkway, redoing a wall, adding engraved tiles around inside exhibits or just
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Oct 18

October 15, 2018

8 Ways To Keep Your Brick Donors Happy

Unlike other fundraisers where your benefactor receives a product as part of their donation immediately (like cookies or candy fundraising), it may take a very long time for the brick donors to see the final brick engraving project. How do you keep your donors happy while they wait?
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Recognition Engraved Brick


Sep 18

September 10, 2018

Recognition Engraved Bricks and Tiles for Employees

By Polar Engraving / Bricks, Engraving, Fundraising, Tile Engraving

Labor Day is the day is celebrated on the 1st Monday of September and pays tribute to the working men and women of the United States. It’s the last three day weekend of the summer where you can kick back and relax. It is recognition for the hard work
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Aug 18

August 28, 2018

Engraved Tiles and Bricks for Memorial Projects

Across the United States, Veteran Memorials are created to honor the men and women who have served our country. Adding an engraved memorial brick walkway or an engraved tile wall can be a standalone memorial project or can help to enhance an existing monument. Veteran memorials programs
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Engraved Tiles Fundraising


Jul 18

July 22, 2018

7 Advantages of using Engraved Tiles for Fundraising

A fun way to raise funds while beautifying your swim center or swim club is by starting an engraved tile fundraiser. Etched tiles can adhere to both interior and exterior walls. They are easier to install than engraved bricks and can fit in better with the overall
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Engraved Fundraising Brick


Nov 17

November 13, 2017

How can your Veterans organization utilize an engraved brick or custom engraved tile project to raise additional funds?

This year’s theme for Veterans Day is a quote from Abraham Lincoln along with the VA Motto. The quote reads “To care for him who shall have borne the battle…” How do we care for our Veterans? We support our troops, through benefits paid through our taxes
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