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Engraved Tiles Sample
Engraved Tiles Sample

Brick Engraving

Custom Brick Engraving

Engraved Bricks:

Our perfected brick engraving technology allows us to engrave on both clay and concrete bricks. Engraved bricks can be used for fundraisers, veteran memorials, architectural details and donor recognition projects. Check some engraved brick photos in our engraved bricks gallery.

Engraved Tiles

Engraved Tiles:

Custom engraved tiles in clay, ceramic and granite can be used for brick fundraising ideas, brick memorials and donor recognition projects on indoor and outdoor walls and also on inside flooring. Look at some engraved tile photos collected in our engraved tiles gallery.

Engraved Replica Bricks and Tiles

Replica Tiles:

Replica tiles can be ordered along with your brick or tile purchase. The replica tile is a copy of the engraved brick or tile with the same exact wording and clip art or logo used on the larger brick or tile. This is also a great thank you gift for your donors or you can use them as a way to boost your sales.

engraved brick array

Brick & Tile Arrays:

Brick and Tile Arrays are a series of engraved bricks or tiles to create an eye-catching center piece for brick fundraising campaigns. Brick and tile arrays are aesthetically impressive and beautiful and can also be sold to big corporations to raise additional funds.

Signature Bricks

Signature Bricks:

Signature engraved bricks with their custom logo are used frequently by builders. Custom bricks with logos are a great way to create brand recognition.

Brick Engraving Clipart

Brick Engraving Clip Art:

Polar Engraving has an extensive clip art library with many different categories to choose from for your brick fundraising ideas. You may also choose to use your own clip art or corporate logo for your brick/tile engravings.

Brick Engraver Fonts

Font Selection for Engraving Bricks:

You are able to use any font for your brick engraving projects, we have a wide selection of fonts to choose from. If we do not offer the font you would like to use for your brick/tile engraving, simply send us your font file with your order and we will use it for your brick engraving project.

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