Camping is truly a great adventure and Camp Napowan epitomizes that adventure, offering Scouts warm days and cool nights of camping in the wild outdoors, plenty of pine trees, by the beautiful shores of Lake Napowan. 

We are raising funds to build a new shower house on the west side of camp.  We are offering friends of Camp Napowan the opportunity to leave an enduring legacy at our camp. 

How You Can Help

The Camp is offering engraved Honor Bricks that will be installed at camp.  With these bricks, you can leave your own legacy or choose to honor another worthy individual. A basic brick 4” x 8” is $250 and includes a three-line inscription. A large brick 8” x 8” is $500 and includes a four-line inscription.  For an additional $10, you can add a clip art to recognize accomplishments like being an Eagle Scout or receiving the Silver Beaver Award, or working as staff at Camp Napowan.

Going Above and Beyond

You can order several bricks and we can even have custom sections of bricks created for those wanting larger designs or adjoining bricks.  Custom art options are available.

You can order a replica of your Napowan brick to keep at your home or office for an additional $25.

If you have any questions or concerns about your order, please contact:

Ellen Valles at [email protected]









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