Buy a brick, engraved with your custom message and

help construct a beautiful walkway at Burr Elementary’s new playground!


A playground is a fundamental building block in a child’s education, personal development and growth. 

The Burr School Playground Team is seeking the help of community members like you to ensure that a new,

accessible playground can be built on the school grounds by June 2015.

Purchase a brick for $100

Did you know?

*In the early 1990s, the Burr School community came together to fundraise and build Burr school’s current playground.
Before that time the school did not have a playground.

*PTO’s are responsible for paying for the Newton public schools’ playgrounds.
The City does not contribute to the cost of building the playground.

*Newton Parks and Recreation regularly inspects the playground for safety.
As of the fall 2013 inspection, the playground was approximately 50% rotted through with an estimated remaining usable life of 1-2 years.


If we do not raise the money to replace the playground before the existing one is shut down, our kids won’t have a playground at school.

For more information on the playground and how you can make a difference, please contact us at: [email protected]