It’s no secret that Camp I Am Special is a remarkable place. Since 1983, Camp I Am Special has provided life-enriching experiences for children and adults with disabilities. Campers get to experience traditional summer camp activities such as horseback riding, hay rides, fishing, arts and crafts, and much more.  Among all the activities offered, the most beloved is the chance to take a dip in the pool.

Unfortunately, after more than 50 years of use, the Marywood pool is no longer usable. The pool has developed extensive leaks; costing more than the pool is worth to repair.  As a result, the pool is now scheduled for demolition.

As you know, the perks of having a pool at Camp are undeniable. The majority of our campers are either physically unable to enter a pool or unable to enter a pool without the proper supervision. Camp I Am Special provides that opportunity. Our staff members are highly trained to keep Campers safe while in the water.

Because of the tremendous benefit a pool brings to our Campers, Bishop Estevéz has approved the construction of a new pool and Aquatic Center. The new Aquatic Center will include a new pool with an ADA ramp for safe, efficient transfers of Campers into the water, water jets to provide sensory fun, handicapped accessible restrooms, a shaded pavilion, and much more!

We need your help to make the Aquatic Center a reality for Camp I Am Special 2017! Consider making a gift to the project today by participating in our Friendship Walk campaign. As a part of the campaign, brick pavers will be available for purchase in different sizes. More information about the program can be found below.

With your gift, we can begin the construction process, begin to certify lifeguards, and most importantly, provide Campers with a beloved camp activity.

We hope that you will join us by purchasing a brick paver in support of the Friendship Walk campaign. Your gift will help to provide a vital experience for Campers and Buddies for generations to come.

For more information about Camp I Am Special, please take a look at our video:

Camp I Special is a program of Catholic Charities Bureau, Inc. Jacksonville Regional Office, which is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.