Camp Pinnacle Youth Board Legacy Project:


Camp Pinnacle is a Christian Camp and Retreat Center located in the beautiful Helderberg Mountains. Camp Pinnacle was founded in 1898 as the first women’s camp in the world. Over the years our ministry has grown to include men and women, young and old attending retreats and summer camp.


The Youth Board was established to get the youth more involved in camp during the entire year. They attend monthly meetings, volunteer at camp events and work days, promote camp to family and friends, and grow as followers of Jesus Christ. As a way to give back to camp they also plan and implement a Legacy Project. This year the Legacy Project is to build a gazebo in one of camp’s gardens.  We invite you to be a part of this Legacy Project by purchasing an engraved brick(s) with the text and/or clip art of your choice! These bricks will be permanently installed to make a beautiful pathway leading to the gazebo!

Each brick is just $100 (donations are tax deductible) and will include 3 lines of text with up to 20 characters per line, or $125 for 3 lines of text with up to 15 characters per line and the clip art of your choosing.

We want to thank you for your support and love of Camp Pinnacle! We pray this gazebo will be enjoyed by many future generations as well as honor the generations that have enjoyed Camp Pinnacle before us!

For questions, please contact Sarah at [email protected] 

CLIP ART Collection








Z1194 Paws

Z4017 Mare Head