Camp Rising Sun Charitable Foundation

Doc Joe’s Camp Rising Sun Band-Aid Barn 

Camp Rising Sun’s 35th anniversary marks a very exciting year for us!  We celebrate the volunteers who make camp happen and we embark on a partnership with Camp Jewell to construct a new camp infirmary in honor of Dr. Joseph McNamara. We salute his dedication to camp, his friendship and his heartfelt care to his patients.

Our part in building the infirmary ensures that we will have our home at Camp Jewell YMCA for many years to come allowing us to continue making the magic of Camp Rising Sun for another generation of campers. Construction is set to begin this spring and to be complete before the end of the year.

Please assist us in our efforts and give a big thank you to Doc Joe and our volunteers by purchasing a brick to be laid in the walkway to the new infirmary.  Bricks come in three sizes: 4” X 8” with no graphic at a price point of $75, 8” X 8” with or without a graphic for $175 and 12” X 12” with or without a graphic for $300. Be a part of the future of Camp Rising Sun and order your brick today.  


“The graphics on the website may not accurately represent the aspects and proportions of the actual artwork.  The engraved brick will have artwork in the proper proportions”

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