Clinton Community Historical Society

In the years since 2011, with the community’s support, we have completed most of the original goals set for the 1843 Cobblestone. But, we aren’t finished yet! The second 5-year long range plan included replacing the carriage house which started in March of 2018.  The cement pad was poured, walls and roof on, but we still have a long way to go.

That is where “ Footprints to the Past” engraved brick walkway comes in to help raise funds to finish the carriage house outside and inside.  It will also help support the maintenance of the Cobblestone and Carriage house in future years.
You can be one of the first to purchase an engraved brick to become a permanent part of the Cobblestone House history.  With three different levels you can celebrate your family, the family farm, your business or a business from the past, a church, or honor the memory of a loved one.

Your engraved brick will be a very important part of “Footprints to the Past” walkway.  The bricks will be a permanent part of the Clinton Community Historical Society for all visitors to see.

We invite you to be part of raising funds to help the Clinton Community Historical Society which represents Towns of Clinton, Turtle, LaPrairie, Bradford, the Village of Clinton and the Turtle Grange to reach their goal by purchasing a brick(s). 

Clinton Community Historical Society is grateful to those that have supported us in the past and to those that will be purchasing your “Footprint to the Past” engraved brick(s). 

Place your orders soon so your brick(s) will be part of the “Footprints to the Past” walkway.


For questions please contact Vicki Stone at [email protected]