Thank you for your drive and commitment to the continuity of Judaism. With the support of many individuals like you, the Chabad is in the midst of a massive building campaign to build a magnificent Jewish Center. This spacious building will allow for hundreds more men, women and children to be inspired and infused with love and pride in their Jewish identity.

Please think carefully and deeply about our project and the long term effects of Chabad's work. The Pollack Chabad Center for Jewish Life is not funded by any central organization. Every penny of this capital campaign as well as the operating budget must be raised independently within the community.
Just as each person who enters the new center contributes to strengthening our community, each brick will help fortify the Chabad Pollack Jewish Center.
Please consider donating a brick or many bricks in honor of a loved one for:



*Good Luck



*In Memory Of

*Bar & Bat Mitzvahs


*Simply as a gift to someone

Please fill out the form on this secure web site and invite at least two of your friends to do the same.
Together we will assemble a pathway of bricks leading into the Center for future generations to see and enjoy.  
Please consider one of 4 options:

Basic Package:         1 Brick for     $100 (Only Package Available Online)
Bronze Package:      2 Bricks for   $180
Silver Package:         6 Bricks for   $500
Gold Package:          14 Bricks for $1,000

Available package online is Basic Package only.
Click HERE to order more packages.

For more packages options please visit

Remember this is a donation, so it should be tax deductible; please check with your account or tax consultant.  
Thank you for supporting the Chabad Pollack Jewish Center.