Clinton Township

Welcome to the Clinton Township Veterans Park Brick Sale

Our Veterans Park is in honor of all veterans, whether living or deceased. The park currently contains a brick pad with engraved bricks, in which we add new engraving orders every year honoring individual veterans!

The brick sale proceeds will go toward offsetting costs of the park and maintenance. 





In order for the Veterans Park to maintain a pleasing aesthetic quality and cohesiveness to its overall design, please abide by the following.

Line 1. Use only the standard abbreviations for rank and the name of the veteran. Abbreviations should be referenced from this list (do not use the pay grade)

Line 2. Include the branch of uniformed service abbreviation (USA, USAF, USMC, USN, USCG) and the official name of the conflict, if any, and if desired. In the case of a service period without a specific conflict (i.e. peacetime duty), Line 2 will only contain branch of service. See sample photos.

Line 3. Country or location where stationed.

NOTE: The descriptions above are the only pieces of information that will be engraved for the benefit of uniformity throughout the park. In no case will phrases like “RIP”, “Beloved Son”, or other any other words of remembrance be added to bricks.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

Jane Cera:   [email protected]

Phone:   614-471-1479