Project Description: 

Hi, I’m Alec Gerszberg, an Eagle Scout candidate from Troop 63 in Closter. With help from town landscapers, I designed and will install a pollinator garden at Hillside Elementary School. The overall garden will be 30’x 30’ with over 100 plants including native and non-native species. Paver walkways will be installed connecting all four areas of the garden. A transparent wooden fence will be installed to keep deer out while not being oppressive when viewing the garden. 


The project first came about after Hillside won a $1,000 grant from the Bergen County Utilities Authority. Tony Lupardi from Lupardi’s Nursery and Mrs. Jost worked together to create a basic plan for the garden. However, at the time, there was no precise timeline pertaining to who would install everything and when the project would be completed. A few months later, I found out about the project in the mist of trying to find a fulfilling project to complete to become an Eagle Scout. Working with Sue Boudet, we created a design to help meet all the needs and requests to create the most beneficial environment for Hillside Students. 

The project consists of 4 paver walkways, plants, drip irrigation, and a wooden fence to keep the deer out. The 4 paver walkways will be in a lower-case t formation, leading from the outside into the middle and to the other side, enabling access to all points of the garden. The pathways will be four feet wide, allowing students, teachers, and parents to travel safely and freely around the whole garden. As to requirements, the pathway is ADA compliant, meaning anyone whether in a wheel chair or having other disabilities can safely walk through the whole garden. The wooden fence will have 4 feet of traditional fencing and the other four feet of steel cable, giving a sleek and modern design. Signs specific to plant exhibits will be placed to identify all plants, including if they are native or non-native to New Jersey. 

In order to cover all the expensive material costs, I am asking Closter families to please purchase a paver to help support the project. Not only will it allow me to purchase high quality materials, it will also be a fantastic reminder for years to come of your child’s time at Hillside!

Thank you for your support, 

Alec Gerszberg

Closter, NJ Troop 63

For questions please contact Alec Gerszberg at [email protected]