Commonwealth Swim Club

Be a part of Commonwealth Swim Club history!

We are excited to offer you an opportunity to be a permanent part of Commonwealth Swim Club, while at the same time contributing to our long term future. We are offering sponsorship of tiles that will be placed in the guard house. Individual names, family names, or businesses can be engraved on the tiles. This is a great way to memorialize your family's time here at Commonwealth. You can commemorate a milestone, celebrate a special person or simply show your love for the pool. Do you have a senior swimming or diving for the Cudas for their last season? Individual tiles with your child's name are a great way to honor them. Is your family looking forward to hanging out with other members for years to come? A tile with your name is a good choice. And for business owners, this is a permanent way to show your support for a beloved neighborhood institution. Please help us to keep the Cudas swimming, diving, and enjoying the pool for years to come.


For questions please contact Kathryn Fox at [email protected]

CLIP ART Collection