July 24, 2015, marks the 100-year anniversary of the Eastland steamship disaster, which tragically claimed 844 lives in the Chicago River. Despite the large number of victims from the capsized Eastland, this 1915 disaster has been referred to as “America’s forgotten tragedy.” (For historical info visit www.eastlanddisaster.org)

Since many Eastland victims were from the Czech and Slovak community, the historic Bohemian National Cemetery became the final resting places of the largest number of Eastland victims interred in one cemetery. Immediately after the disaster, Section 16 in the cemetery was opened and practically sold out to accommodate requests from grieving families to bury their loved ones. One hundred years later, Section 16 will be the site of an Eastland memorial to help commemorate and remember the Eastland’s victims and heroes.

The Eastland Centennial Commemorative Project at BNC is currently reaching out to individuals and organizations interested in Remembering the Eastland by making a financial contribution to this memorial. Contributions will be used to build the proposed memorial in time for the July 24, 2015 Eastland disaster centennial.

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A limited number of engraved in-ground donor bricks are available to memorialize your individual, family or organization’s contribution. For more information contact ECCP chairperson: Chuck Michalek at [email protected]

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