Estates West Neighborhood Association

Commemorative Brick Fundraiser

The Estates West Neighborhood Association has undertaken an initiative to revitalize the "Arapaho Strip" which is the 1,250-foot right-of-way on the north side of Arapaho Road, west of Spring Creek, and east of La Avenida. It not only provides an attractive green buffer between Arapaho Road and our Estates West neighborhood, but also serves as an important sound and safety barrier. As part of an agreement with the City of Dallas, the association assumed responsibility for the planting, maintenance, and irrigation of the landscaping along the right-of-way in 2000. More than 22 years later, several of the shrubs are dead or dying, the irrigation system needs to be repaired and upgraded, and the landscaping around the Estates West entrance signs needs to be replaced and updated.


Funding for the project will be the sole responsibility of Estates West homeowners and the association. The scope of work will include pruning the shrubs along the right-of-way and replacing those that are dying or dead with new plants appropriate for our North Texas climate. This initiative will also include new xeriscape landscaping and other enhancements around the entrance signs into the Estates West neighborhood.

The sale of commemorative bricks will be a key fundraising method utilized by the association to fund this project. These bricks will be installed around the entrance sign at Spring Creek and Arapaho Road. Contributions in support of this initiative and our community would be greatly appreciated.

For information, please contact  [email protected]