Waukesha West Field of Many Dreams!

West High School Hopeful for Stadium Turf by 2014

Early 2011 the School District of Waukesha embarked on an initiative to raise $1.8 million to install synthetic turf within all three high school stadiums. 
We are excited to share that through advertising partnerships, private donations, and special events to raise funds, we are closing in on our goal! In order for West High School to install a synthetic turf field, $615,000 must be raised in all.  

How can YOU help?

Supporters of the FOMD can get involved in many ways, including but not limited to:
*Private donations
*In-kind donations
*Purchase of advertising panels
*Brick order included in our "Wolverine Walk of Pride"

4” by 8” Brick

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8” by 8” Brick

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12” by 12” Brick

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Who benefits from turf?

The most exciting aspect of the FOMD project is that virtually all students at Waukesha West High School and community organizations will benefit from the installation of synthetic turf.

What are our goal and target dates?

Project Fundraising Goal:  $615,023

Installation Goal:  June 2014

Thank you for your donations!