152 years of faith, freedom, justice, equality

We are located on land that has been transformed from a slave plantation into sacred life-giving space for justice, equality, inclusivity, and healing.

Symbolized by the Sankofa Bird whose feet are firmly planted forward while its head is turned backwards carrying a precious egg in its mouth.

It symbolizes our belief that the past, present, and future connect - our past serves as a guide for our present  and a blueprint for the next 152 years.

Our Mission

To promote justice, equality, inclusivity, and healing by providing a life-giving home to local, national, global, programs and organizations.

Our Vision

To manifest a world where systematic oppression does not exist.

To promote community, environmental, spiritual healing where the whole divinity of a person is realized. 

To honor and embrace the memory and contribution of our elders.

To be an advocate for the educational and economic development of the rural community/counties in which we are located.

Our Council of Elders Freedom Walkway Campaign

(Engraved Bricks)

To create a walkway throughout the campus to memorialize those that were enslaved, educated, liberated and empowered.


To honor those who sacrificed time, talent and resources to sustain the facilities and missions for over 152 years.


To celebrate the future for this sacred live giving place


Council of Elders: serve as our home of knowledge and history. They play a pivotal role in keeping our history and present alive. 

For questions, please contact Greg Clinton [email protected]