OA Thorp Scholastic Academy is a Chicago Public School (CPS) on the Northwest side of Chicago with 830, K-8 students from all over the city. We are a magnet school with a diverse student population - ethnically, financially and academically. We have a unique special education program for Autistic kids, a comprehensive gifted program, art, music and we are even fortunate enough to have a health teacher who would love to provide more physical activity for students. 

However, there is one key piece which is missing and could be rectified with additional support from our families and local community - a playground!  Currently, we have nothing but asphalt for the kids to play on and the injuries are continuing to mount with sprains, concussions and of course the usual skinned knees and elbows. 

Please help support our fundraising efforts for a new playground with a brick purchase from your family(ies) or business! This minimal contribution will be a lasting reminder for Thorp students of the importance of community and safe play. You can personalize each brick with your own logo and/or message! 

The bricks you are purchasing will be part of the redevelopment of our entire campus area. Check out the master plan created through a community brainstorming event in February 2013. Thanks for helping us realize our children's hopes and dreams for a new playground!   

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