Gracies Acres

Gracie's Acres is a 501c3 non profit rescue sanctuary specifically catered to pigs. Our pigs come from all different places such as owner surrenders, running loose after being dumped or escaped from no telling what situation, saved from slaughter and at least 50 shelter pigs we have pulled. We even have one who jumped from a moving trailer on the interstate. Each of our pigs have their own unique personality and are all beautiful in their own way. They each have a name and a story to tell. We are relocating very soon to a larger property!!!

Any funds from our brick fundraiser will be used to help cover any costs we will incur to relocate our pigs. (i.e. fencing, new housing materials etc...) Would you like to be a part of the new and improved Gracie's Acres? You can!!! Each brick that is purchased will be set in a sidewalk on the new property.

My brick is pictured here. What will yours say?

Engraved Brick with or without clip art $100.00

Engraved Quarry Tile Text Only $50.00 with clip art $75.00

We have a strict spay and neuter policy. #teacuppigsdonotexist #builduponapigsfuture #savingpigs

For questions about ordering please contact: Susan Swafford  at 





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