Alumni Brothers of Gamma-Upsilon,

We share a unique bond and legacy that spans more than a century at Rutgers.   Many of us grew from adolescents to young men during our time as undergraduate Brothers of Gamma-Upsilon at Rutgers. 

The Alumni Board of Trustees is now offering an opportunity for Gamma-Upsilon Alumni Brothers to leave a legacy -- and a permanent mark -- at our House at 14 Union Street.     You have an opportunity to announce your presence as a Brother of the Gamma-Upsilon chapter of Kappa Sigma at Rutgers.

While The House is in good condition, given its age, it needs consistent TLC.  Your donation and these funds will help assure we have a suitable college Home to visit in the future.  It is a place, when you return to Rutgers’ campus, that you can visit, reminisce, and enjoy visiting.

The cost, currently, is a $150.00/donation for the 4” x 8” brick.  The 8’ x 8” brick is $250.00.  During our ’21 -‘22 fiscal year (beginning in the Fall of 2021) all donors to the Presidents’ Club that year will automatically receive a 4” x 8” brick.  For an additional $50.00 (total donation of $300.00 or >) they can upgrade to the 8” x 8” brick.  You can also purchase a 4” x 4” personal replica for an additional $25.00.