Historical Society Seeks to Improve Century Cotton Mills Tower Site

Following the restoration of the Century Cotton Mills tower by the Halifax County Historical Society, attention is now drawn to the site on which the tower is located. The protective chain link fence surrounding the tower is rusted and the walkway from the sidewalk to the door is crumbling. 

The Historical Society, with the endorsement of the South Boston town council, is mounting a fundraising effort to replace the fence with a black wrought iron fence and gate. The cost for this new fence will be raised through the selling of memorial bricks, which will be used to replace the crumbling walkway. 

If you had a relative that worked at the Century Cotton Mills or enjoyed your Sunday dinner at a dining table covered with a product of the Century Cotton Mills or just want to make a lasting statement in a memorial brick, please consider purchasing a brick. The cost of each brick is $100.00. Each brick will be laser etched with up to 3 lines with 20 spaces on each line. 

Approximately 200 bricks are available. When all are sold, construction of the walkway and installation of the new fence will begin. Everyone is encouraged to act fast and reserve their brick as once they are all sold, no more will be offered. Purchased bricks will be laid beginning at the sidewalk, so the sooner you purchase a brick, the closer to the sidewalk it will be located.

Donors may complete the form (below) on this web site. Payment may be made using check. In addition, forms to purchase a memorial brick are available at Toot’s Creek Antiques and Peddler’s Market in Halifax and in South Boston; the forms are available at Electric Service/Main Street Furniture and the Visitor Center. In addition, forms will be available at the upcoming Heritage Festival and at subsequent festivals throughout the year. 

For questions, please contact Barbara Bass, President, at 434-753-2137 or [email protected]If you are unable to pick up a form at these locations, you may request one to be sent to you.