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Member Memorial


We have identified over 260 IUEC members (hyperlink ) who have lost their lives on the job since our founding in 1901. There are not enough words to express our sense of loss for these men and women of the IUEC. We would like to invite you to help us build a Memorial to honor them.

The IUEC Member Memorial will be built alongside the IUEC Headquarters building in Columbia, MD. It will feature two memorial plazas.

Beginning at an entrance reflective of an elevator cab, a paved walkway   leads to the first plaza.  A curved granite wall stands on the edge of the   plaza as curved benches continue the shape on the opposite side. Two life   size bronze statues of Elevator Constructors look toward the wall from the   center of the plaza. One Constructor kneels as a symbol of remembrance as  the other offers a hand of support on his shoulder. 

The walkway leads to a second plaza framed by a granite wall and benches on each side. A bronze statue of a girl reaches out and touches the wall as if to say goodbye one last time. A bronze statue of a woman with her arm around a boy recognizes the sacrifice the families of the fallen must face. A bronze plaque will be placed on the granite walls for each Member who has lost their life on the job. As you walk through the Memorial, you pass over engraved bricks paving the plazas and walkway. The Memorial ends at a circle with benches where one may sit and reflect upon the loss of so many of our own.

You don't have to look far to find someone touched by the loss of one of these Brothers and Sisters. We hope that you will purchase an engraved brick to support this effort to honor of our lost Members. All money raised from the sale of these bricks will go toward construction, future improvements and continued maintenance of the IUEC Member Memorial.

IUEC Member Memorial Engraved Brick Pricing


We thank you for your generous help in the endeavor.

For questions concerning the project, please contact the IUEC Memorial Committee:

Gil Duncan

IUEC IT Director


Mike Langer

IUEC Safety Director

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