Catherine Kennedy Memorial Gardens

It is the rare individual that recognizes a need in their community and immediately takes action to find a solution.  In those unique instances where a response to a community crisis is given, it is unusual to find the legacy of an individual and an entire organization so many years later still answering the call of that need.  Catherine Kennedy has forever left her imprint on the community with the founding of Leeway.  Leeway was established in October 1995 and still continues to help those living with HIV and AIDS today.

Special Sponsor Opportunity
If you would like to become a Special Sponsor, please contact Bre Parasiliti at [email protected]

-To pay by PayPal or Credit Card for your Special Sponsor Opportunity, please click "donate" and enter your donation amount.

Sponsor Level

-To pay by check, please download the form and follow the instructions.

 Memorial Garden Sponsor ($500 each) - Your name will be engraved on a large plaque to be prominently displayed on Leeway’s building wall directly behind the garden, to download the form click HERE

 Garden Wall Pillar Sponsor ($1000 each; 2 available) - Your name will be displayed proudly on a pillar built into the garden wallto download the form click HERE

 Memorial Garden Stone Sponsor ($5000 each; 2 available) - Your name or organization will be a key display on a large stone situated within the gardento download the form click HERE


Brick Pricing

4” by 8” Clay Brick

Text Only


4” by 8” Side Wall Tile

Text Only


4” by 8” Garden Wall Tile

Text Only


Add an additional $6.00 for Clip Art

 If you would like to purchase a brick, but do not have anyone you would like to dedicate it to, please feel free to leave it blank.  Leeway will assign a name to your brick of a deceased Leeway resident so that their memory can forever be memorialized.

 Purchase of a brick can also be done by groups that wish to contribute together and use each line given on the brick for individual recognition.

All donations and bricks purchased will go towards the completion of the Catherine Kennedy Memorial Gardens and the continuation of services to those living with HIV and AIDS.  Please help us honor the woman who was strong enough to fight back and all of those who supported her mission along the way.  Your contribution will ensure that you will be a part of this lasting legacy here at Leeway.

We appreciate your support and look forward to continuing our care for those living with HIV and AIDS in the community.


CLIP ART Collection