Wow, we have had a very productive season improving and expanding MTC to enhance your training experience. The projects completed this year are too numerous to list them all. Although, we are not quite finished yet….. There is one more big project we’d like to complete before the snow falls, but we’ve already spent this year’s construction budget. So, I have another fundraiser campaign for you…


            PURPOSE: To increase the long-range firing line cleanliness and safety, by reducing uneven loose soil areas under and near the shoot hill pavilion.


·         Temporarily remove AstroTurf mats, sitting benches, shooting props, etc.

·         Pour a concrete pad under the entire pavilion. (MTC members have volunteered the labor to reduce cost).

·         Place fundraiser brick-pavers forward of the firing line to reduce muzzle blast dust.

·         Cut our AstroTurf uniformly in size to cover entire firing line without gaps.

            WHEN: If we can secure enough funding, this project will begin during the annually scheduled hunting season shutdown November 14-21. If funding has not been secured, the project will start the summer of 2020.

            FUNDING: You get a chance to tag your name on the MTC shoot hill by purchasing personalized laser engraved brick-pavers which will be laid forward of the firing line permanently for everyone to see and enjoy. There is no limit to the number of bricks purchased, but please be respectful with your personalization’s (business names and logos are permissible). The first fundraiser campaign will end November 1st. 

·         Cost of bricks are:

·         4” x 8” brick = $100. (+$10 for logos or artwork)

·         8” x 8” = $250. (+$10 for logos or artwork)

·         12” x 12” = $500 (+$10 for logos or artwork). Which also include a 1 year extension to your MTC membership!

If you have any questions or concerns about your order please contact:

 Clare Ward @  [email protected]

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