Children who learn together learn to live together. McConnell has always been dedicated to celebrating the similarities and differences that make us a community. This year, we are undertaking a project that will allow us to take curriculum outside our walls and create inclusive opportunities for social and academic development in children of all abilities.
McConnell is partnering with GameTime to build an inclusive playground that will allow children of all abilities to learn and play together in a fully accessible and developmentally appropriate play space.

Research shows that providing inclusive play opportunities for children of all abilities supports social skills, healthy physical development, and academic skills. These opportunities allow us to teach to the whole child by promoting physical, sensory, cognitive, social, and communication development.

But this is more than a playground. It’s even more than a playground for students with disabilities. It is about growing a culture of acceptance and inclusion of every child as a part of our community of learners.  It is about the opportunity we have to teach all of our children the value of every individual. McConnell’s future leaders will learn that people of all abilities have interests, abilities and challenges.

It is about taking curriculum outside our walls to create exciting and enriching learning opportunities for all kinds of learners. We are very excited about the opportunity to give all of our students a fun and developmentally appropriate play space where every member of our community can play and grow together. If you are interested in helping build our playground, please contact Amy Thomson at [email protected] and join our playground committee.

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