Making a Lasting Commitment to Your Service in the Maryland Wing.

More than 70 years ago, Mr. Gill Rob Wilson, Mr. Fiorello LaGuardia and Major Gen John F. Curry laid the foundation for this great organization - brick by brick.

Just as they built a world-class organization that continues to support and inspire decades later, you can continue this legacy of greatness by purchasing your own brick today!

Become a permanent part of the Maryland Wing at the new Wing Headquarters Facility in Granite Maryland.
Below Old Glory and the Maryland Flag we will feature brick pavers that can be personalized with individual and company names, dates and special messages.

The 4" x 8" and 8" x 8" engraved bricks are a way to recognize and honor Officers, Cadets, families, CAP alumni, and special CAP memories.

4” by 8” Brick

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4” by 8” Brick

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8” by 8” Brick

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8” by 8” Brick

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12” by 12” Brick

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12” by 12” Brick

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MD Wing Seal Array

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Each brick will be permanently displayed at the base and walkway leading to the main flag pole at Wing HQs. Members can also order commemorative replicas of their brick to keep for themselves or to give as gifts.

"For more than 70 years, Maryland Wing has answered our nations call by providing an Aerospace Education Program, Youth Mentoring with our Cadet program and a mission ready Emergency Services team ready to respond by dedicated Officers and Cadet. They all left their mark on the Maryland Wing and CAP as a whole," said Col John Knowles, Commander.

"The new Wing HQs Facility will be a gateway to the next generation of traditions and legends and it's fitting that this facility will also allow our members, both past and present, to show their pride and leave their own lasting tribute."

Etch your name into the history of Maryland Wing CAP while also supporting its future. Brick donations are 100 percent tax deductible and considered as charitable gifts to the Maryland Wing CAP Capital Project Fund.

You do not have to be a CAP member to buy a brick. You don’t even have to buy the brick for yourself. This is an excellent way to honor a friend or loved one - parent, child, favorite member or anyone to whom you would like to give a permanent place in history.

Groups can purchase a brick as well. 
Don’t miss this chance to ensure that you, or someone you care about, will have a lasting memorial at the new Wing Headquarters.

If you would like to buy a 12” by 12” brick to be a part of the MD Wing Seal Array, please click the donate button below. The cost is $500.00 for one brick.    


Thank you for your support!

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