In 2005, through a series of providentially ordained events, Millennial Christian School opened its doors. Over the past ten years, the leadership at MCS has been developing an academic program that allows students with various learning styles and levels of competency to coexist in the same educational environment. Its success revolves around several key components

         Regular collaborative efforts among the teachers                                    

        A strong relationship between home and school

        The unified mindset of administration, staff, family & student

        Student behavior and respect of authority


The need is great to continue in the expansion of this program! With that said, Millennial Christian School's "Stepping Stones to the Future" Capital Campaign is underway. It is MCS's goal to begin construction of a building at its 10.85 acre site located at the intersection of Brannan Field/Chaffee & 103rd St.  This campaign drive will contribute towards making Phase I of the new Millennial Campus a reality.


We ask that you help pave the way for future students by purchasing a stone and leaving your mark.


You may choose to purchase a granite stone that will be installed on a wall in the foyer of the administration offices or one of various size bricks that will make up the pathway in front of the building leading up to the set of glass doors at the main entrance. 

For more information or help with ordering please contact Maria McCarthy [email protected]