The original Hamilton High School, built in 1903, is under new ownership and we are bringing it back to life! Although it's only been 9 years since its closure, a large remodel is necessary for it to reach its potential.

Our goal is to create the largest Quilt Museum's in the United States.  As the official state museum, Missouri Quilt Museum will host quilting exhibits from local artists as well as top designers from around the world.  We will also include exhibits of antique sewing machines, vintage buttons, antique toy sewing machines, thimbles, and lots of other sewing memorabilia!  A very special exhibit dedicated to Hamilton, the local residents, and the school itself will be a wonderful representation of where we came from and the rich history of Hamilton, Missouri.

The world's largest spool of thread, measuring 22 feet tall and containing more than one million yards of thread, sits on the southwest corner of the property.  Bring your thread and you can add it to the spool!  In the coming months, sewing themed objects will be created for our playground and mini golf course!  There will be activities for all ages.

We are so excited to be a part of remodeling this historic building. We are grateful for all the community support we've already received. We can't do this project alone and are asking for your help to make it happen.  Your donations are tax deductible!  Purchase a brick today with your name on it!


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