A Place Where Every Mason and Eastern Star Can Call Home

Realizing that Masonry is a Ministry of Helps, M.W. Mt. Tabor Grand Lodge and Camelia Rose OES Grand Chapter has endeavored to provide a Masonic Lodge facility that will: provide a safe, clean and befitting facility for the Masonic Order to meet in Houston, Texas (regardless of Jurisdiction).  This facility will also elevate the image and respectability of the Order, and provide space for Seniors, Children, Charitable and Community Groups to meet.  The Masonic Order is meant to be of “added value” to its Voltaire and the community in which it resides. 

You can aid and assist M.W. Mt. Tabor Grand Lodge and Camelia Rose OES Grand Chapter in its quest with your purchase of an engraved brick.  An engraved brick is a great way to remember or honor those we love.  Your engraved tribute bricks will be laid in a prime location at our entrance for all to see for many years to come.  You will be able to bring your children and grandchildren to see your name and theirs as a permanent legacy.

To ensure that your participation is recognized and appreciated, we will send you: A thank you notification, and verification that your brick has been laid.  And a special thank you 4" x 4" tile with our name and address in Houston, Texas at which your brick is laid.

Reasons for purchasing an engraved tribute brick are limitless:

  Remember a love one:

  A lost Family member, Friend, Church Member

  A lost Military Member

  A lost Lodge or Chapter Member

  Celebrate a precious memory:

  The birth or adoption of a child

  An anniversary

  An noteworthy achievement

The wonderful thing about these bricks is that they come with a lifetime guarantee against chipping, cracking, and ink legibility ensuring that your memorial will be there for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

We have two sizes of bricks for you to select from:

-    4"x8” Antique Red Concrete which provides 1-3 lines of engraving, 18-20 spaces per line for $200 each.


-    8” x 8” Antique Red Concrete which provides 1-6 lines of engraving, 18-20 spaces per line for $300 each.


You may also choose from the following; a free logo or art design to further enhance your brick:

AL01, AL02, AL03, AL04, AL10, A40, C38, L11, L41, P29, P32, P33, P47

Thank you in advance for your support,
Grand Master Herbert M. Ware


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