“Brick By Brick”

We are laying the foundation for our New Life Christian Center to move to a new location as God moves and are asking our New Life Christian Center family to encourage others to be an essential part of the growth of our church and ministry in the community. 

We have launched our “Brick By Brick” Campaign to increase our Building Fund as we prepare for the move of God!  

You may purchase a Commemorative Brick in two sizes 4”x 8”x 2¼” ($100) GRAY or 8”x 8”x 2¼” ($250) RED.


We are asking that you encourage and invite family, friends and businesses that you do business with to participate by purchasing a Brick to support our “Brick by Brick” campaign. If you are interested in purchasing a brick in the Building of God’s Kingdom, please see Sister Angela Thomas for your purchase.

Our initial goal is to sell 1,189 bricks for this campaign representing each chapter in the Holy Bible and you may purchase as many bricks as you would like to purchase for yourself or in memory of a loved one. 

Our "Brick by Brick," campaign is one of the tools for our church to move to a new location and each commemorative brick will be used for placement on a monumental wall that is dedicated to display the faith of each supporter. 

We appreciate your prayers and support for the building of God’s Kingdom and building Life Champions for Christ in our communities. 

For questions, please contact Pastor Pope at [email protected] or (267)992-1424