New St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church of Tampa, Florida is steeped in history of the lives of African Americans in Hillsborough County. Born through the merger of Gregg Temple A.M.E. Church and St. Paul A.M.E. Church in the 2011 conference year, the membership is aware of the legacy we stand upon and thank God that it serves as our foundation for the future.

It is the harmony of our old and our new. 

From our former church the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King outlined the Civil Rights movement for Florida, Thurgood Marshall brought a word of hope to the people and President Bill Clinton stood behind the sacred pulpit and spoke of the belief in our country’s ability to treat all humankind equally.

Today we work to move forward in to a greater future that God has for us while remembering the foundation of our past. Your brick will be included in our Wall of Faith, which will be located in our fellowship hall and will serve as a focal point. Your contribution also assists in the rebuilding of our new campus and construction of our new fellowship hall and classrooms.

Thank you for your generous gift to assist in the preservation of our history in the worship of God and service to His people. With your support, we can again rebuild the walls!

The New St. Paul A.M.E. Campus

Bricks Available for Purchase

4” by 8” Brick

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4” by 8” Brick

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8” by 8” Brick

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8” by 8” Brick

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We can't wait for God to turn His vision into a reality.

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