Who Will This Help?
The “Buy a Brick for Legacy Wall” is a fund raising effort focused on building the NFC Athletic Center - a facility for all sports programs to utilize.  The new athletic center will have space for a new weight room, locker room, coach’s offices, cheerleader practice space and meeting space within Legacy Hall.  More importantly, it will use athletics as the foundation to grow Christian leaders to become pillars in our community, state and country.

What Is This Project?
The Legacy Project is designed to build a new NFC Athletic Center for the NFC athletic programs.

When Will This Be Completed?
The short answer is as quickly as possible.  The Legacy Project is broken up into three phases.

Phase 1 - The Legacy Wall
Buy a Brick, Build a Wall, Build a Legacy - You may have seen the wall going up in front of the bleachers.  The purpose of the Legacy wall is two-fold.  First, it will enhance the overall aesthetics of our facility.  It will tie in the other structures around the stadium and provide a much needed facelift.  Second, it is provides the foundation for our fundraising endeavors. 

The Legacy Wall will be covered with bricks that you buy.  You will be able to add your name, short message, etc. and, if you like, a business or family logo.  The bricks will then be placed permanently on the Legacy Wall for future generations to see.  A majority of the price you pay for the bricks will go directly to funding Phase II and III.  The wall will be a lasting legacy for future generations to see the generosity of those who wanted to build a future even for those they did not know.  By using custom laser engraved bricks, NFC can reward our alumni and supporters with permanent recognition in a prominent spot.  

We are fortunate in that one of our alumni donated the cost of the wall to help us get started.

Phase II - Raising the Bleachers
Once the bricks of the Legacy Wall start going into place we will have the needed resources to raise the bleachers.  Doing this will give the fans a better view of the football field as well as set the stage for the NFC Athletic Center.

Phase III - The NFC Athletic Center 
Through the sales of the bricks and generous donations from alumni and NFC supporters, we will build a state of the art athletic center.  An NFC alum said it best when asked why we need this facility.  "As I see Christianity more and more under attack, I can't help but think about Tim Tebow and how he has always been determined to share his testimony on and off the field. I cannot think of another star athlete who has endured more criticism and repercussions for standing up for his faith. America needs more leaders like Tim Tebow and NFC is the perfect place to train star athletes to stand strong in the world we live in today. NFC needs a new high performance athletic center to draw those young athletic minds in and train them to have strong Christian character," said Bobby Kelly, NFC Alum.

The NFC Athletic Center will be built when we have the committed financial resources to complete the job in a timely manner.  It is the hope of everyone involved that we will begin building in the spring of 2015.

Phase IV - Legacy Hall 
The Legacy Hall will be the final phase of this project. Legacy Hall will be a place for meetings, demonstrations, fund raisers, banquets, display of trophies from past achievements, etc. The walls of Legacy Hall will eventually display past athletes that have since made great accomplishments and will be inducted into the NFC Legacy Hall of Fame. There will also be those recognized who have contributed significantly to NFC.