To fulfill the Niagara Post Theater not-for-profit’s mission of bringing educational opportunities in live theater to children and young adults, we have set a goal of refurbishing the closed US military post theater at Fort Niagara State Park. 

To achieve that goal, we intend on leveraging the resources of local individuals and organizations with interests in promoting the Arts. The effort will be funded via donations, grants, foundations and patrons.

The depression era, Art Deco movie theater will be re-engineered and remediated to support quality live theater productions and instruction. A secondary intent is to offer films, concerts, recitals, festivals and rental space. The resulting entertainment offered to the general public will generate operating revenues to cover expenses with the hope of presenting scholarships.

The timeline envisioned is twelve months for construction based upon design considerations in accordance with the State of New York’s guidelines and expectations. Constructed in 1931 by the WPA, the building offers excellent acoustics and the opportunity of resource reuse for the celebration of art supporting heritage and community.

For any questions, please contact : [email protected]