Northwoods Animal Shelter


In 2001 a group of citizens came together over their concern for the stray animals of Iron County. That core group of volunteers transformed into the Northwoods Animal Shelter that you know today. We are a private group who is contracted by the county to house stray animals and find them new homes. We rely heavily on fundraising and donations to keep our doors open. In 2017 our animal intake numbers were higher than ever before. With an increase in animal numbers, there is also an increase in costs of animal care and building upkeep. 

In 2008, we were fortunate enough to move to our current location. The building had formerly been the Wisconsin Electric office and garage, but with some modifications it became the perfect home for us. In the past 10 years, our front walkway has deteriorated. Our sidewalk is chipped and broken. Aside from being difficult to walk on, it is not the kind of first impression that we would like people to have of our organization.

The Memory Lane fundraiser will allow the shelter to accomplish two major tasks – beautify our entrance way and provide the funds necessary to continue caring for the homeless animals of Iron County and the surrounding areas. Each commemorative brick will be placed along the walkway into our building, creating a long lasting memorial to your friends, family and/or pets. The proceeds from the Memory Lane fundraiser will be used to provide top notch care to the animals who seek refuge at our shelter while waiting for their forever homes. Additional proceeds will be used to renovate and maintain our building, play yards and grounds. 


For questions please contact Sarah Erickson at [email protected]

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