The NRMS Greenhouse Building Project is building a 30’ x 50’ atrium-style polycarbonate Learning Laboratory, which will provide students with the opportunity to grow healthy produce, to learn about sustainable growing practices and energy conservation, and to develop an appreciation for local agriculture.

The Greenhouse Learning Laboratory will enable classroom teachers to enhance the curriculum in every discipline, providing opportunities for hands-on exploration in math and science, humanities and the arts. It will
provide year-round educational opportunities for students of all abilities, including students with special learning needs, physical limitations, or sensory processing challenges, accelerated learners, and students with unique interests and learning styles. It will also promote the development of exciting new programs in environmental studies and entrepreneurship that will connect our students with individuals and organizations throughout the Lower Cape for authentic, community-based educational experiences.

Individual donors of $100 or more may commission a 4 x 8 inch brick for the Greenhouse walkway, engraved with up to three lines of text. Business or Individual donors of $300 or more may choose an 8 x 8 brick with up to 6 lines of engraved text.  Please note that Business donors are only eligible to purchase the 8 x 8 size.

You may pay by check (please include check number) or by PayPal.

If you have already made a donation of $100 or more and would like to order your brick without incurring an additional charge, just choose the check option and enter “0000” as your check number. Please include the amount and payment method of your original donation in the “Comments” box on the next page.