Due to a high volume of people from our Parish and the Community, who wish to commemorate friends or deceased relatives, we are starting a new Project in conjunction with the Claret Community Center. The Project will be called: “The Commemorative Brick Fundraising Project.” This Project is an effort to complete the improvements of the Claret Community Center, a building which is part of Our Lady of Fatima Church, located at 348 Smith Street, Perth Amboy, New Jersey, about half a block away from our Parish.

The Claret Community Center was an apartment building and was transformed into a temporary chapel and parish hall, where religious instruction, liturgical and service ministries converged. It was closed many years ago and this left our Parish and its ministries negotiating for space in our Parish Gym.

In spite of these challenges, it has made our congregation stronger and more united. The parishioners continued to increase along with our Sunday collections. Our Pastor, Rev. Albert M. Ruiz, CMF, had the vision of this great opportunity to bring back the Claret Community Center to its heyday. One can imagine how difficult is has been for 6 choirs, 20 ministries including a religious education program with over 400 students, a basketball team, food pantry, prayer groups, retreats, worship committees and more trying to find suitable space.

The remodeling of this Center will offer the resources that support faith formation for all of our children and their families in our Community and will provide for our present facility needs and allow for future ministerial programs.

The Engraved Commemorative Bricks will be beautifully displayed forever in The Commemorative Garden, named in honor of our Pastor, Rev. Alberto M. Ruiz, CMF, for dedicating his life to God and had the vision of the renovation of the Claret Community Center.

If you have any questions or would like to make an order, please contact Laly Calderon at [email protected] or (732)-442-6634