To those of us at Paws for Life, Richard Bennett was more than a personal friend.  While we mourn his loss on a personal level, we also remember the gift of life he gave to many of our dogs who were either too old to be adopted, had multiple failed adoptions, or had “issues” that deemed them unadoptable which greatly limited our placing them into homes - and the options that came with their issues. 

Richard willingly and lovingly took these dogs into his home and his care.  The elderly dogs were respected, cared for and given an honorable life for as long as they wanted and were able to continue living.  The dogs with “issues” … Richard worked to understand, and with respect for their scars from the past and their idiosyncrasies (and his sense of humor!), he gave each dog the gift of a full and happy life.

We wanted to create a tribute to Richard - something that would always remind us of his spirit and support; something alive, something that could continue to grow in the nature that he loved. So, in tribute to Richard, and in honor of the lives he saved, we have created a memorial garden at Paws for Life. 

Richard’s Garden will have trees, flowers, benches for resting, and pavers which can be engraved for those who want to remember a friend with a small donation.  This will be a very special place with much meaning for us at Paws for Life, and we look forward to seeing it grow and Richard’s memory live on.

This garden and your donations will not only memorialize Richard, beloved pets and people, but will also help Paws for Life to continue our mission to rescue homeless pets in danger of euthanization and place them into loving homes.

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Z1060 bone-silhoutte

Z1136 German Head

Z1176 Lab Yellow