Hello and thank you for your interest in the Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter (PRAS) Pet Paver Fundraiser! At PRAS, our mission is to: Rehome animals, Reunite lost pets with their owners, and Reeducate on responsible pet ownership, as well as ongoing or changing animal issues within the Peninsula communities. 

Since January 2015, we have served the cities of Newport News, Hampton, Poquoson, and York County. In 2019 PRAS celebrated the 10,000th adoption! This feat could not have been possible without the collective effort our dedicated staff, our wonderful volunteers, and you, the members of our communities who choose to adopt. PRAS has been selling engraved bricks, and placing them in the 13' x 12' sections in the walkway near the entrance to the Shelter, pictured below. 


The bricks may contain customizable text and a clip art or logo image, depending on the size of the brick.
We are offering two fundraiser brick options:

1) $75.00 Pet Paver - 4"x8” red clay brick may contain 3 lines of text and a choice of clip art.

4”x 8” Paver - $75.00

2) $750.00 Pet Paver - This 8"x 8" red clay brick may contain custom clip art or logo images with some text, or up to 6 lines of text only. You can upload your custom logo on the bottom of this page. 

Note: due to limited spacing, there are only (10) of the 8"x 8" Pet Pavers.

8”x 8” Paver - $750.00

As an additional option for you to have for $15 each, you can purchase a 4" x 4" engraved replica tile! The tile will contain the same text and image as the Pet Paver, and must be purchased at the same time as the Pet Paver.

4”x 4” Replica Tile - $15.00 each

The proceeds from this fundraiser will be used for initiatives that we know will directly support the Shelter's animals as they await their forever home:

·        Equipment and enrichment for the exercise area.

·        Pathways for easier access to the Meet and Greet and exercise area.

·        Water hookup at the exercise area.

We hope that you enjoy taking the time to donate, support your Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter, and create a lasting Pet Paver brick to be installed in front of the shelter.

Please visit our Petango site HERE, where you can see all of our animals available for adoption. And for news and updates, like us on Facebook

Thank you for your support!

All sales are final.

For questions, please contact mailto:[email protected]







Z1038 Beagle 2

Z1060 bone-silhoutte

Z1081 Chihuahua Down

Z1101 Dach Head

Z1136 German Head

Z1140 Golden Retriever

Z1173 LAB HD

Z1185 Norwich

Z1223 Rhodesian Head 2

Z1228 Rottweiller Hd

Z1261 Tinspan3

Z2007 Bengal

Z2017 Russian Blue Head

Z2021 Siberian

Z6008 Gecko

Z6009 Guinea Pig

Z6013 Mouse

Z6014 Snake

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