Out of the 9 fraternity houses on campus, only two do not have a basketball hoop or court: Phi Psi and Theta Delta Chi.
We would like to change that.
Phi Psi has a large space along the Eastern side of the house that is hardly ever utilized, taken up mostly by landscaping that we often forget even exists.

In total, there is over 1,089 square feet of available space that could be used for something, and our house believes that a basketball court should be that something.

The court would provide an excellent space for brothers to come hang out on the weekends or as a study break, and could be the site of a great many cookouts.
The court would not impede upon any already used land, and would serve as an additional asset to the house. It would also show a movement of productivity within the Phi Psi house.

On the east and south sides of the court would be a Phi Psi wall, built of engraved bricks with Phi Psi brother names. This is where I need YOUR help. Building this basketball court is approximately a $11,000 project, and we are hoping to fund it entirely separate from our regular budget.
Each brick would be purchased by an alumni, like you, and would be engraved with whatever message you wanted to leave behind (appropriate of course).
We will have two sizes of bricks, 4”x 8” ($60) and 8”x 8” ($110).
4”x 8” bricks will create the wall along the edge of the basketball court, while the 8”x 8” bricks will create a walkway along the edge of the entire court.

This project means a great deal to our house, not just for the construction of the court, but also the connection it will build between us and our alumni, as well as the productive step that it will show our house is taking.
Leave your mark one last time on Phi Kappa Psi and please join us for the dedication dinner that will follow in October.