VITAS Healthcare Proudly Sponsors the Honor Path
The Pink Ribbon Garden Project

Libby’s Legacy Breast Cancer Foundation, along with co-founder Grammy-winning musician Melissa Etheridge, have recently opened an innovative organic shared garden designed to serve breast cancer patients and their families of Central Florida. It’s part the largest community garden in Central Florida, located at Lake Druid Park and consists of a 29’ x 17’ raised bed garden box in the shape of an awareness ribbon. 

VITAS Healthcare is sponsoring the Honor Path, a pathway of engraved bricks that leads to the Pink Ribbon Garden. Become part of the inaugural Garden by purchasing your personalized brick.

The Pink Ribbon Garden project features a ‘Grow one, Give one’ concept. Each survivor will tend the garden and for each bag harvested, the survivor will collect another bag for a patient in current treatment. 

We hope you will join us in this opportunity to be part of the foundation for this amazing project to help breast cancer survivors and their families!

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