Pond Cove Playground Committee

Thank you for your interest in purchasing an engraved paver and supporting the Pond Cove Playground!  We’ve now passed the deadline for pavers to be placed during the initial build of the playground.  However, will continue to accept paver orders to help us fund ongoing maintenance costs of the playground.   We plan to incorporate additional pavers into the playground walkway through the year as requests come in and we’re able to accommodate the work (contractors and seasonality).  So, rest assured, pavers ordered will be placed in the playground walkway as soon as we can!

Operation Rebuild: Learn, Play, Grow Outside!

Our mission is to support the creation and maintenance of a new playground that encourages safe, accessible, open-ended play.

Why Undertake a Playground Renovation?

A new natural playground will benefit our children in so many ways. Outdoor play supports children’s healthy development. Ample time to engage in open-ended play outdoors helps children:

·         Develop motor skills, balance, flexibility and physical fitness by running, climbing, jumping, hanging, digging, carrying, playing sports and games and more

·         Build self-esteem by taking risks in a safe environment and conquering fears

·         Build positive relationships with peers

·         Hone social emotional skills by communicating with others, cooperating to tackle challenges, waiting, taking turns, resolving disputes, and persisting when something is hard

Natural playgrounds add possibility

Traditional playgrounds cater to children’s physical developmental needs. Natural playgrounds — playgrounds designed to integrate play equipment with the natural features of the space, relying heavily on organic materials like plants, boulders, logs, and sand — offer that, plus so much more. For instance:

·         Natural playgrounds encourage creativity and imaginative play. They are the perfect setting for playing pirates, opening a “restaurant,” or making up new rules for a hide-and-seek game.

·         Natural playgrounds help students learn to enjoy and appreciate elements of nature. Rocks, trees, plants, dirt, sand, sticks, logs, and water present endless possibilities for play, especially when presented in appealing and inviting ways.

·         Natural playgrounds are versatile. Rather than being single-use, features invite children to take their play in many directions.

Our architect, Sashie Misner, specializes in designing natural playgrounds, and is the mastermind behind numerous successful local projects.

Outdoor play helps kids learn

The positive impacts of outdoor play follow kids when they head back inside the school building. Research has shown that time outdoors can:

  ·         Support intellectual development

   ·         Boost ability to concentrate

    ·         Improve mood

  ·         Reduce stress

4’’ x 8’’ Grey Concrete Brick: $60.00

8’’ x 8’’ Grey Concrete Brick: $100.00

After 5 years of planning and preparation by Pond Cove Staff, the Operation Rebuild campaign is ready to help bring their work to life!

For questions please contact Kristina Justh

at [email protected]