Like all old bridges, highways, houses and stables their infrastructure replacement and improvement is required to keep them performing their roles in our daily lives. While the structure may be sound the foundation and its support system needs renewal. Flooring, plumbing and electrical service do not last forever. Replacement of these systems is vital for the continued safety and security of the horses and people who use the facility every day.

After more than 85 years of continued service to The Radnor Hunt Club, our stable is deserving of such renewal.

Radnor Hunt, the oldest foxhunting enterprise in continuous existence in America, was founded in Radnor Township in 1883.  On April 10, 1930, The Radnor Board of Governors approved the purchase of the old Gallagher Farm in White Horse (now Malvern).  By July 1, 1930 a building committee had been established with the goal of constructing new stables to be completed in just two months. 

Radnor was lucky to count architect Arthur Meigs, of the renowned architectural firm of Mellor, Meigs, and Howe, among its members.  Meigs led the design and construction team.  The resulting stable facility is largely unchanged since 1930.  The Mellor Meigs and Howe firm was the chief proponent of the “Main Line Norman Cottage” style that is represented by so many private residences in the Philadelphia area.   

The impressive result melded that design with a pleasing Pennsylvania fieldstone vernacular.  Simply elegant, but nonetheless impressive, the stables have remained meaningful, functional and true to the original intentions for nearly 86-years. 

In an excerpt taken from the history of our stable, as written by our Master of Fox Hounds, Collin F. McNeil, he states it best, saying: “Time has taken its toll, however.  Now, in the 21st century, Radnor, in keeping with its historic and continuing high standing, must rise to the challenge to renew one of its key assets.

In an effort to provide the funds necessary for the renewal of our stable, we are asking our members to consider a monetary contribution to the Stable Fund to carry out the restoration necessary to provide a safe facility of which we can all be proud. Your gift will be recognized on a commemorative board in the clubhouse.  You can choose to commission a tile with your name, or that of an honoree, which will be placed on the wall in the stable, or you can also name a newly renovated stall. Information is provided on the reverse side of this page.

All of the Stable Committee members, as well as the members of the Board of Governors, have made a contribution commitment. Won’t you join all of us in making this project successful?

John McGowan and Robert (Bob) Kraut

Co-Chairman, Radnor Hunt Stable Restoration Committee

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